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Zipper Top Stops


    #3 Zipper Top Stops

    Available in Brass, Silver only.


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    #5 Zipper Top Stops

    Many Colors Available

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    #7 Zipper Top Stops

    Many Colors Available


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    #10 Zipper Top Stops

    Many Colors Available

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    Sampler Pack - Assortment of 100 Zipper Top Stops


    From $22.00

    25 50

    What Are Top Stops?

    Top stops are the small pieces of hardware, typically made of metal, that are fastened to the top end of each half of the zipper. Replacement top stops are shaped like the letter “C” before they are attached to a zipper, and then are crimped down to attach to the zipper tape.

    What Are Top Stops Used For?

    The main use for zipper top stops is to aid in shortening zippers. When shortening a zipper, a common technique is to remove the original stops and some of the existing zipper teeth with pliers. Once enough teeth are removed, a fresh top stop is crimped onto the zipper tape just above the new endpoint of the zipper teeth. This little component makes a new stopping point so the zipper’s slider won’t run off the tracks when you zip the zipper.

    Why Use A New Replacement Zipper Top Stop Instead Of Reusing The Original?

    Note that once the original top stop has been removed from a zipper, it is very challenging to re-use it. Instead, try working with a fresh top stop and crimp it onto the zipper tape at the desired end point.

    What Kinds Of Top Stops Are Available?

    Zipper top stops are usually made from metal. The following types of metal top stops are currently stocked: antique brass (burnished gold color), brass (shiny gold color), nickel (silver color), black (metal is coated with black enamel), white (metal is coated with white enamel). Top stops come in a variety of sizes: #3, #5, #7, and #10.

    The gauge or size of the zipper corresponds to the gauge of the top stop that should be used. For example, if you are selecting a new top stop to attach to a #5 molded plastic zipper, you would use a #5 top stop.

    How Are Zipper Top Stops Offered?

    Zipper top stops are available by the pair or by the package of 10 or 100. If you are repairing more than a few zippers, it is most economical to purchase a package of 10 or 100. However, if you are repairing just one or two zippers, you can order only what you need.

    Top stops are also among the components included in zipper repair kits.

    A Zipper Quirk: Nylon Coil Zippers

    One quirk when shortening nylon coil zippers by hand is that it is easiest to use a bottom stop at the top of a nylon coil zipper rather than a top stop! A bottom stop looks similar to a staple, and the prongs on the bottom stop can be wedged into the nylon coil teeth to secure the stop in place and this technique is much more effective than trying to use a top stop.