Find available parking spaces

To deliver a great experience to the users, we integrated clustering into our map where we would show a marker for each parking area letting the user know if there were any free parking spots and the parking type: street parking or with a barrier. When the marker was tapped or the map zoomed in, we would then show each individual parking spot in different colors representing its state: unknown, available or taken.

Smart Park also allows for customers to pay for their parking via SMS or using their credit card which gets attached to their account so the next time you use the app, your card information is already there making paying for your parking quick and easy. The app will also let you know when your parking is close to expiring and will invite you to renew it.

Together with the client, we came up with a list of requirements. Based on those requirements we made some wireframes, then our designer stepped in and made everything shine. The client approved of the design and gave us the green light to start development. Next up we wrote tickets on Trello and started the development process. We worked in two-week sprints. We worked closely with the client's backend team and soon we had our product released to the Play Store.

Drawing each parking spot was a challenge because it was hard to align consecutive parking spots as the streets are not always straight. We meticulously picked the GPS coordinates and orientation for each parking spot in order to achieve a great look.

  • Navigate straight to an available parking spot
  • Pay easily directly from the app
  • Get notified when your parking expires
  • Search for parking spots near your destination
  • Remember where you have parked your car and navigate back to it