World’s largest running group

Being that we are taking advantage of cutting edge technologies for enabling competitions between runners across continents, we wanted the runners to feel like they are running in the future, we achieved this through an amazing custom made user interface which is fast to react to the user’s inputs with micro interactions.

We then thought what runners already use. They track run statistics using Strava, Health Kit and Google Fit. They listen to music through Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play Music. We integrated all these into RunLive and made it easy to control everything from one place.

We came with platform specific suggestions like integrating activity recognition on Android to show notifications when the user starts running without using our app and we were involved in discussions regarding best ways of implementing the new backend, like: choosing the best tool for handling deep links for invitations through phone number, live in-app chat and live runner status.

Mike came to us after having already released a version of RunLive to the App Store and wanted us to build the Android app, offer support and add new features to the iOS app.

We worked closely with Mike’s designer, Matt, who created and Android design based on the iOS design. For icons we use SVGs on Android because they can be scaled and keep the app’s size small.

It was important that we had a first version with the core functionality ready quickly. We had two Android developers on the project within a week and after two months, we took over iOS having six people on the project.

After three months, we had the core features ready on an Android app connected to a shiny new backend. We are currently making adjustments on run tracking to make it as accurate as possible, combining GPS and device sensors to get the best results and adding social features.