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With Runlive we built the world’s largest running group. Being that we are taking advantage of cutting edge technologies for enabling competitions between runners across continents, we wanted the runners to feel like they are running in the future, we achieved this through an amazing custom made user interface which is fast to react to the user’s inputs with micro interactions.

Heria PRO

With Heria PRO you can learn, track and analyse your calisthenics training. Get access to exclusive workouts and programs directly from Chris Heria. Create your custom workouts, track them and learn the right way to do them from Chris. View training history and powerful analytics.


With AskData users ask questions in natural language and find answers across all their data. Teams all over the world use Askdata to access their data, their way through natural language requests.


With Foodcourt we invisioned a new way of ordering food. Our client identified this need because at certain times of the day, the foodcourts in malls have long queues with people waiting in line for 10 to 30 minutes. Everybody browses their phones while waiting, so why not order directly from the phone and get notified when your order is ready?


Circle is a new social media app that uses gamification to reward its users. Check out the most popular places around you, see where your friends hang out right now, check-in to local businesses and get rewarded for that.

King Of The Spot

Post videos or photos of your best tricks to be voted by the community as the king of the spot. Many extreme sports are practiced in certain spots like skate/dirt/snow parks or street spots. This competition has been going on between riders for a long time, offline or through video edits. We just made it more widely available and moved it to the digital world.

Anywhere by Technoelectric

Technoelectric aims is to become favourite supplier from Romania who offers innovative solutions for refrigeration and electrical installations, who excels through originality, performance and efficiency. With Anywhere, Technoelectric offer their clients an easier and faster way to navigate through hundreds of their products, configure their order based on their needs and access technical documentations straight from the app.


With SmartPark we reimagined the parking experience, helping you to find available parking spots. Navigate directly to the nearest parking spot based on your destination instead of circling around trying to find a free lone by chance. SmartPark works with both public and private car parks.


CoTaxi is a ride sharing app, which helps you find other people having a similar route, willing to share the taxi ride and split the costs. With CoTaxi, you can find other passengers with whom to join a taxi ride. You can easily call a taxi from the app, having the taxi companies contacts and their fares at your fingertips.

eLearning platform

We built an eLearning platform with live courses and student interaction for student entrepreneurs, where teachers can create and validate content for long term, on-demand learning. Content served included: video courses, homework, assignment validation and grading. A component of the platform also provided business plan consulting to interested students.


With Medistoric we created an online personal medical journal. Every detail counts, especially when it comes to health, and keeping records of medical data and updating them permanently means more than a good organization. It means care and respect. Parameters, treatments, diagnoses, symptoms, analyzes, vaccines and allergies are all useful if you have them at your fingertips.


With Davila.Healthcare we created a connected experience to allow Europe’s best medical device suppliers to leverage their existing supply chains and integrate their product offerings into single ordering platform directly accessible to healthcare provider organizations.


With Greenshare we created a closed carpooling service for local neighborhoods and companies. After an easy and fast registration, you can see the transport offers of your neighbors or you can become the hero by offering a free place on a trip you are already making

Auto shop management software

The product is used for auto shops to manage their appointments, cars customers and mechanics. They are in direct contact with their customers through text, photo and video and offer complete transparency during the car repair process