An elearning platform for entrepreneurs

In this context, we helped the client create an elearning platform for potential entrepreneurs that are looking for help to better understand the first steps when it comes to building a new business (ex: create a business plan, understand what a strategy is, etc).

The timeline was short and the client was also looking for help with defining the product.

The first step was to understand the product need and what would be it's objective.

In the second step we had a few meetings with the client to see how we can create functionalities that can solve those product needs.

While we were working on the product plan, we also added user stories and our UI/UX team started putting together the needed wireframes.

In the final step we created the whole design and created the Agile process for the development phase.

In 3 months we managed to deliver the platform with functionalities such as:
  • chat
  • a business plan framework for users to add content on, and also get feedback from tutors
  • video, text and document types of content
  • live webinar with a Youtube integration
  • forum
  • different types of accounts: users, tutors, admins